Tony Kornilov
I'm based in Los Angeles, CA. I have almost 10 years of experience in filmmaking in Russia. I've worked in 2 studios and University.
I have a diploma of higher education in the field of cinematography, specializing in feature film director. St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television.
Since 2022 I've been working as a freelancer.
It is important for me that every detail works for the story so that the video is perfect.
I work in many different genres
My Portfolio
For some years I’ve been filming content for a young racer who wants to get into formula 1
I was directing a commercial for the anniversary of the security agency
For over two years, I’ve been working as head of a video department for an information company that reviews shipbuilding. Most of these videos were shot and edited by me personally.

Tony Kornilov is a filmmaker baced in Los Ageles

A feature of Tony’s work in cinema is the variety of genre forms, attention to detail. The opportunity to look at the story from different sides and captivate the viewer, regardless of whether it is a game movie, advertising or a music video.

Tony worked as a filmmaker for four years before he was trained as a professional film maker, directing music videos, advertisements and short films
- Tony is a graduate of the Saint Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television, Master’s Degree directing fiction cinema and television
During his training, he made more than 10 short feature films and documentaries, many of which were looted at international film festivals

- Since 2021, Tony is a member of the Russian Union of Cinematographers

- Winner of the Government Award for Film Art Saint - Peteburg

- After receiving his professional education, Tony continued to make feature films and advertisements as a director and cameraman

- Immediately after graduating from university, Tony was invited to teach at the Herzen Pedagogical University’s television studio, and two years later, he returned to teach directing and drama at the University of Film and Television as a second master.
Contact me:
+90 534 855 90 65

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